Start A Band

There are many hurdles to face when starting a band, and while most focus on a proper way to do it, they often fail to acknowledge everything that can go wrong when you are forming a band. And there’s a lot of things that can derail your band before it’s even properly formed.

This is why we will focus on the most common issues that can arise while you are still forming a band, and offer some valuable advice on how to avoid them.

1. Lack of Common Goals between Band Members
When choosing band members, many aspiring musicians fail to make sure that everyone shares a common goal. You have to make it very clear what you expect from members and mention every single detail: your goals, preferred style, how much you plan to rehearse, rehearse hours, commitment, and anything else you might have different opinions about.
Have a plan on dealing with underperformers. Make sure everyone pulls their weight, as underperformers will bring the whole band down. If a member is not doing their best and is not ready to truly commit, they will become a source of frustration and issues with other members. It’s always hard to let someone go, but it might be the best solution in the long run.

2. Lack of Originality and Selling Point
Even though many say that you have to look up to bands that you aspire to, many aspiring artists tend to copy their exact style and vision. This is not the right way to do it. Remember, your idea is not to copy your idols, but to take what works and make it your own.
When determining what you want to look and sound like, you have to offer something new and fresh if you are to succeed. You need a selling point. In marketing, a unique selling point (USP) is all that matters, and same goes for the music industry.

3. Not Knowing the Legal Aspects
Having a legal agreement with all the other band members will help you regulate issues that may arise at a later date. Although legalities are usually skipped when you form a band, this exact decision can become a very big issue later on.
Legal implications depend greatly on which country you live in. In the US, musicians have to get legal business licences, which can be obtained in city halls or local government centres. You will have to track all your gigs, wages, and sales too.
Some lawyers specialize in music law, so you can try searching for one who will explain the most important points and help you with drafting a proper contract for all band members.

4. Dreams of Instant Fame
Fame is not achieved overnight. Saying that you are in a band doesn’t make you a celebrity. Your music can make you famous, but it takes tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, or as many like to say, “blood, sweat and tears” to get there.
High expectations result in loss of motivation when they are not achieved, so members of your band might just stop trying altogether. Setting realistic goals is one way to avoid this issue.

5. Lack of Proper Marketing
Promotion is key to success, and something often overlooked by new bands and having an official site is important. Social media accounts are important, but can never truly make up for lack of an official website.
Also, knowing where you can promote your songs is key to success. Services like Soundcloud, Spotify, Audiomack, Bandcamp, even YouTube, are crucial if you want to be heard.