Upscale Your Band

Your band might be used to playing at the local pub or bar, but playing on a music festival is an entirely different experience. Competition for festivals is fierce, and those bands that wish to land a spot in the line-up will need to deliver a peak performance and have a great presence everywhere.

Have a Media Presence
Promoters will always check how much press coverage a band is receiving, both good and bad. It’s important to have a mailing list and update your subscribers regularly about all upcoming shows.

Promoting your shows through social media is a crucial step, and a great way to let people know when you will be performing live again. When enough people talk, journalists will pick up on it. Also, make sure to invite local influencers and journalists to your shows. This won’t land you a story every time, but if they like you, they will visit again, and they will start writing about you.

Work a Lot, and Work Hard
A festival gig might be just the final piece of the puzzle in order to become truly successful. So, how do you land a gig at a festival? What kind of band do you have to be to be worthy of a festival? Well, first you have to make sure you can handle a festival. Here are some characteristics that many great bands have in common:
• Bands that score gigs at festivals are never laid back - they take every opportunity to rehearse, learn, grow and perform.
• They are active in their local community and play in local venues all the time.
• They will perform for a good cause, and you will often find them on various fundraiser events.
• They are active on social media and have a great relationship with their fans, online and when performing.

Transitioning from small venues to festivals as a band requires hard work and dedication. Being active, having a personal touch with your fan base, and performing a lot are just some things that will make you stand out of the crowd. Another thing that you need to do is apply to festivals and gigs.

Know How to Apply to Festivals
In addition to the many performances and great fan base, in order to be even considered a serious applicant for a festival gig, you will need a great media pack. First impression is everything, so make sure your application is error free and interesting. Get a few people to read through it and point out any mistakes and issues they find.
• Music Tracks - Your media pack should have at least two of your most successful tracks. Preferably, have only 30 seconds worth of record for each, as promoters don’t have the time to listen to your masterpiece that lasts for 8:43 minutes. Pick the best part and send it. Include a link to the whole song if you see fit, and if they are interested, they will listen to the whole song.
• Live Samples – Festivals mean live music, so make sure to include live samples too, and make sure you sound good.
• Selling Point - Make sure to know what your unique selling point (USP) is and list your best qualities: is it the energy you bring to the stage, or the soft, mellow voice of your singer?
• Images - Have high-res images of the members and band, and include several past performance shots.
• Contact Information - Make sure that the whole kit is formatted well, so that all the contact info and links are easy to find.