Delorean in Depth

The main reason Delorean was formed was to further explore their interests in the local music scene, which spanned from punk rock to electronic music. Originally, the quartet consisted of Ekhi Lopetegi (bass and vocals), Tomas Palomo (guitar), Unai Lazcano (keyboard) and Igor Escudeo (drums). In 2008, Tomas Palomo decided to leave the band and was replaced by Guillermo Astrain.

Partway through their career they struggled with adapting their sound, at first opting for completely computerised, and then integrating analogue back in. This jump of choice showed they hadn’t quite settled and now they’ve managed to find a good balance between the two that works with their vibe and energy.

It was an important decision for them to decide to add more structure and rigidity by creating their own studio and essentially “make music properly.” This shaped the way their music was produced and created as well as adding a new professional element to complement their local atmosphere they aim to create.

The Mexico Tour Kidnapping Incident
Most notably in their career, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. During a tour in Mexico City, members of the Delorean band were taken hostage. The perpetrators phoned the band while posing as security officers and explained they had to be moved to another hotel. There, the kidnappers were waiting for them. They tried to extort money ($380,000) from the band’s families but luckily, the police were informed and rescued them after 30 hours. They were all unharmed and in good health, but cancelled several shows after the incident.

It took a while for them to feel comfortable again as well as get back into performing but this hasn’t stopped them long-term. This demonstrates that the band is not done with their journey just yet. They are ready to tackle a new approach with each release, and are not looking back. Their Basque identity can be felt throughout all their songs and albums, and they continue heading in the right direction. They strive to hit the right balance between light and dark, dreaming and dancing, and by marrying styles that seem to not fit together, they manage to create a unique, profound and brilliant style loved by many.

Their Latest Release “Muzik” (2016) shows the band is Moving Forward
Their album, “Muzik” was released in 2016, and continues to focus on delivering good vibes. It was released under their own Phlex label. The album was received well, and critics argue that it’s the step in the right direction -- Instead of offering throwback to the 90s, the album focuses more on what’s ahead. Thanks to the great combination of emotional lyrics, great vocals and the overall strength and style of their songs, the album hits the sweet spot between dreaming and dancing.

This is not the official website for Delorean’s albums however it aims to give you more depth and insight into their music and album success so far.

This is not the official website for Delorean but instead explores some of the deeper understandings behind their work and music.